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Electricity is an important part of our daily lives. It’s everywhere.

It lights our homes, cooks our food, powers our tools, and runs our televisions, radios and computers.

Unfortunately, too many people are injured or killed every year because they used electricity in an unsafe manner or simply disregarded the basic rules of electrical safety. The vast majority of electric shocks are preventable. In fact, human error is the cause of at least 80 percent of all electrocution deaths in Ontario.

Electricity is safe if you treat it with respect and not become careless about how you use it.

Download our Electrical Safety Handbook to find our more about electrical safety and to gain some helpful tips and facts.

In addition, check out one of our brochures (below) which outline minimum clearance requirements around electrical equipment for the following situations:

Installing Swimming Pools

New buildings or Additions

Tree Planting and/or Trimming around Overhead Electrical Infrastructure

Clearances around Underground Electrical Infrastructure

Safety Videos