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What is RPP Customer Choice?

If you’re a residential or small business customer, you can choose to switch between Time-of-Use (TOU), Tiered and Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) prices.

With TOU and ULO, the price you pay depends on when you use electricity. With Tiered prices, you can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price. Once that limit is exceeded, a higher price applies.

To switch from TOU to Tiered or ULO prices, you must notify us by completing our Customer Choice: RPP Election Form.

How often are TOU, Tiered and ULO prices set?

The OEB typically sets new TOU, Tiered and ULO prices twice per year. May 1 (summer rates) and November 1 (winter rates).

Will I save money by switching RPP rate structures?

No, there are no guarantees that a switch from any RPP rate structure will result in cost savings.

What Customer Choice does is give you the ability to choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle and household energy needs, which may result in some cost savings depending on your electricity consumption behaviours. The total bill impact of switching will vary depending on how much electricity you consume in a month and possibly when it is consumed during the day.

Considering a switch? For more information, go to and use their Bill Calculator to compare what your bill might look like if you switched to TOU, Tiered or ULO pricing.

What do I need to do to switch between RPP rate structures?

If you do want to switch from your current RPP rate structure, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will need to fill out the Customer Choice: RPP Election Form to notify us that you want to switch. The form is intended to be as simple as possible in terms of the information that you need to provide. You should have a recent electricity bill on hand when filling out the form, as you will need your utility account number.
  • Within 10 business days of receiving your election form, Welland Hydro will process your form and respond to you.
  • A switch from any RPP rate structure can only take effect at the start of a billing period. A billing period is generally about 30 days long, and the start and end dates are identified on your electricity bill. Most customers are billed based on a calendar month, however, the start of your billing period can be any given day of a month.
    • Welland Hydro will start charging you your elected price structure as of your next billing period after you submit your election form. Please note that we must receive your election form at least 10 business days before that billing period starts, and provided there are no issues with your form.
    • If we receive your complete election form less than 10 business days before the start of your next billing period, we will start charging you your elected price structure at the start of the next billing period after that.
    • Because a switch in prices can only take effect at the beginning of a billing period, it will take some time between the day you provide your election form and the day you actually start getting charged your elected price structure. 

Can I switch between different RPP rate structures throughout the year?

Yes. A new Customer Choice: RPP Election Form must be submitted each time and the rules outlined in the section above would also apply.

Can all customers change their RPP rate structure?

Most residential and small business customers can, however, there are a few groups that do not have the option to switch at this time.

If you live in a condo or apartment that has its own individual meter and your bill comes from a company other than your electricity utility, you are a customer of a unit sub-meter provider (USMP).  Customers of USMPs also can’t switch rate structures. That decision can only be made for the building as a whole by the master consumer, who is the person that retained a USMP for the property. In most cases, the master consumer is the property manager, landlord or condominium board.

Customers who are currently enrolled with an electricity retailer are also not able to switch to TOU, Tiered or ULO rates as long as their retail contract remains in effect. In addition, customers who are currently paying Tiered prices may not be able switch to TOU prices at this time if their meters are unable to bill TOU prices.

I receive a monthly credit from the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP). Will I lose that credit if I switch my RPP rate structure?

No. You will still receive the credit.

I receive the Ontario Electricity Rebate. Will I lose that rebate if I switch my RPP rate structure?

No. You will still receive the credit.

I am a new customer with Welland Hydro. Will you inform me that I have a choice between TOU, Tiered or ULO prices before I sign up?

Yes, we inform all new Regulated Price Plan customers that they have a choice between TOU, Tiered and ULO prices when they set up the account.

I’m still not sure what is right for me

If you are still unsure if a switch in price structure is right for you, check out the following resources to help you decide.

To find out how much energy you use, and when you use it, please log into your SilverBlaze account. If you haven’t registered for SilverBlaze yet, please click here to register today.

The Ontario Energy Board has more information available at In addition, check out their new bill calculator at which will give you a comparison of what your bill might look like on all RPP rate structures.

Ready to Make the Change?

Have you decided that a change in price structure is right for you? If so, submit your Customer Choice: RPP Election Form below.