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Customer Choice: Regulated Price Plan Election Form

  • Instructions

    Please fill out this form if you want to change the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) structure that applies to the Electricity line of your bill. There are three options: Time-of-Use (TOU), Tiered and Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO)

    Under TOU and ULO pricing, the price you pay for electricity depends on when you use it. Under Tiered pricing, you can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price, and once that limit is exceeded, a higher price applies.

    For more information on TOU, Tiered and ULO rate structures as well as tools to help you decide which price structure is right for you, please visit

    Once you have made your election, the form can be submitted by selecting the "Submit My RPP Election Form" button at the bottom of this form.
  • Account Information

    You will need a copy of your electricity bill to enter the following information.

    Please enter your information exactly as it appears on your utility bill. If your information is not entered as it appears on your utility bill, your form may not be able to be processed until the information can be corrected and verified.

    If you have any questions about this form, please contact our Customer Service Team via email at or by phone at 905-732-1381 (ext. 6).
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  • Authorization / Consent

    NOTICE OF COLLECTION: Your personal information is collected on this form by Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. (“Welland Hydro”) under the authority of the Electricity Act, S.O. 1998, Chapter 15, Schedule A. Welland Hydro will only use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected unless consent is given by the individual to use or disclose it for another purpose. Under certain exceptional circumstances, Welland Hydro may have a legal duty or right to disclose personal information without the individual's knowledge or consent. If you have further questions about this collection, or the ways in which your personal information may be used by Welland Hydro, please contact the Privacy Officer by telephone at 905-732-1381, ext. 233, or by email at
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  • Type your name in place of a signature. If you are not the account holder, you must be authorized by the account holder to give this form on their behalf
  • Submit My Customer Choice - RPP Election Form

    By selecting the "Submit My RPP Election Form" button below, the information in your RPP Election Form will be sent for processing. Welland Hydro will process your form and notify you within ten (10) days of your submission.