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Individuals are able to access certain Welland Hydro records without making a formal request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).  Much of our information is routinely available and requests for personal information can generally be made by calling, emailing or writing Welland Hydro.  If you feel your records contain errors or omissions, you may informally ask for a correction by contacting Welland Hydro. 

Formal requests under MFIPPA should only be used in cases where information is not available through the usual channels.  You may contact Welland Hydro’s Privacy Officer at 950 East Main St., Welland ON L3B 5P6, 905-732-1381 ext. 233, to determine whether you need to make a formal request. 

Formal Requests Under MFIPPA

Individuals wanting to request access to their personal information, make amendments to personal information, and/or request general information pertaining to Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. (“Welland Hydro”), under the access to information legislation (MFIPPA), must do so by completing, in full, the Access or Correction Request Form.  Please note that a $5.00 compulsory application fee must be remitted with the competed form.  Completed forms can be mailed or hand delivered to:

Privacy Officer
Welland Hydro
950 East Main St.
Welland, ON L3B 5P6

If you are unable to retrieve a copy of the Access or Correction Request Form from the Welland Hydro website, please contact the Privacy Officer for a hard copy:

Telephone: 905-732-1381


Copies of the form are also available for pick up at the Welland Hydro office, located at 950 East Main St., Welland, ON. 

When completing the Access or Correction Request Form, please be sure to describe, in detail, the types of records you are seeking and ensure the following is included wherever possible:

  • Names of specific files or types of records to which you request access, including specific dates of those records, where possible.

This detail will help staff conduct a faster search for the requested information and helps keep down any costs for search time, or if necessary, the transfer of your request to a different institution for a response.  In addition to the application fee, you may be required to pay other fees.  The rules regarding the payment and amount of fees are set out in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and its regulations.