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Interested in generating electricity? Consider the benefits of generating green energy from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, water or bioenergy, and selling it for a guaranteed price. You can be part of Ontario’s growing green energy movement, make money and contribute to a cleaner environment.

For more information, check out the IESO Feed-in Tariff Program.

microFIT Generators

Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. must comply with Measurement Canada and the Ontario Energy Board’s requirements in our actions to connect renewable generation. Recently an issue has been identified that is specifically related to microFIT generators connected in series with load customers. On May 19, 2010, The Ontario Energy Board reached a decision that generation projects shall not be connected using in series configurations. Therefore, Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. will not connect any projects using this type of metering configuration. There are two options available to microFIT generators: connect in a parallel configuration or connect in a stand alone configuration.

Parallel Connection

The generator is connected through the customer’s existing electrical system and existing connection to the distribution system. This connection is configured with the generator meter and the load meter electrically in parallel. The electricity produced is sent directly into the distribution system. The customer continues to use electricity from the distribution system for their consumption. Customers connected in parallel will be paid the microFIT contract price for all the electricity produced by the generator and their electricity bill will be calculated in the same manner as prior to the installation of the generator. Payment for the microFIT generation is separate from the bill for electricity consumed.

Stand-Alone Connection

The generator is directly connected to the grid and is not connected to the customers existing electricity supply. This type of connection requires a separate transformer for the generator. The generator pays all connection costs including the cost of the transformer.

Steps to connect your microFIT generation facility

Follow the steps below to begin connecting your small generation facility to Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp.’s distribution system under the microFIT program

  1. Review the microFIT program information available on the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) microFIT website.
  2. Complete the microFIT application on the IESO’s website. Once the application is completed, your project will be issued a Reference Number.
  3. Complete Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp.’s microFIT Connection Request Form and submit it to the FIT Committee by email, mail or fax. Details are available on the microFIT Connection Request Form.
  4. According to the microFIT Rules, Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. must receive, process and notify the IESO within 30 days of your application being set to “Pending LDC Offer to Connect” status that a Connection Request Form has been received. Therefore, Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. requires that the Connection Request Form be received within 15 days of your application being set to “Pending LDC Offer to Connect” to allow for sufficient processing time. Failure to do so may result in you missing this 30 day timeline and your application being terminated.
  5. Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. will contact customers with the required documents and payment request for the associated costs of connection. Please note that Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. may have to conduct a site visit to accurately determine connection costs.
  6. Begin your project installation and apply to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for Electrical Inspection.
  7. After obtaining ESA authorization to connect, Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. will make the necessary modifications for the connection such as the replacement/addition of the meter(s), and the opening of a separate account to record the output of the generator.
  8. Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. will verify all the required documents, and then communicate to the IESO that your project has been connected.
  9. Execute your microFIT contract on the IESO’s website to receive payment for your power generation.

microFIT Fees and Service Charges

If you have an active contract with the IESO for a microFIT generation facility (10 kW or less) you will be charged the following to maintain your facility’s connection to the electricity grid.

These rates are effective as of May 1, 2017. They are based on a 30 day billing period.

Service Charges

Service Charge – up to April 30, 2017 – $5.40 /month
Service Charge – Effective May 1, 2017 – $11.00 /month