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24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency ServiceWelland Hydro-Electric System Corp. provides 24 hour emergency service because we realize that electricity is an essential service and public safety could be compromised by a lengthy disruption caused by the weather or an accident.


For 24 hour emergency service CALL: 905-732-1381


Emergency Service


Procedures for Power Interruptions

If you experience a power outage, to minimize your disruption, the following steps should be taken:


  1. Please telephone Welland Hydro-Electric System Corp. at 905-732-1381 with your service address and information relevant to the power outage.
  2. Telephone lines may be busy, as other customers will be calling at the same time, so please be patient.
  3. Please note that outage information cannot be provided until our crews have diagnosed the problem.
  4. As soon as the problem is diagnosed, Welland Hydro will be able to provide our customers with updated information concerning the cause, the area affected, and the approximate time the power will be restored.
  5. Call back after a period of time if power has not been restored to your specific area.
  6. For updates during outages, listen to our local radio station (Giant 91.7 FM) on your car or battery operated radio.